Professional Design and Installation

We help you every step of the way. Our designers will work with you to create a space that expresses your taste and lifestyle, and our installers will make sure the job gets done right, the first time.


Preparing for:

  • Remove all items from furniture to be moved.
  • Remove knick knacks/items from attached shelving or nearby furniture that could be disrupted during the Installation process.
  • Disconnect and move any electronic equipment in the Installation area.
  • Remove paintings, mirrors etc. in work area & in adjacent rooms with a shared wall.

Day of:

  • Close doors in surrounding areas (dust control).
  • Cover furniture and items in open areas if desired (dust control).
  • Ensure arrangements are made for Installers access before and during project.
  • Have children and pets secure and out of harm's way.


  • If possible inspect workmanship prior to installers leaving the job.
  • Enjoy your new space!

Wise Flooring & Design is an established leader in the commercial flooring industry. We achieved this position by offering quality products and service. We are the leading contractors’ choice in the market. Our experienced staff offers product, competitive estimates and installation knowledge that you can depend on. Whether your concern is budget or time constraints, we offer the options to provide a quality job, done right the first time.

Whether your commercial flooring and interior job is big or small, contact us today to provide a quote to ensure you are get the value and service you deserve!


We work closely with our builder-partners to ensure that homebuyer and homebuilder goals are met. We do this by:

  • Offering the highest quality products at the most cost-effective prices in every flooring category
  • Building a builder-specific system for on-time delivery of products
  • Providing product education and support to everyone on the builder team: designers, installers and purchasers
  • Helping to set and then exceed customer expectations for their home’s flooring


In multifamily units, the flooring can make a significant difference in the perceived value of a rental unit. We understand the special requirements of multifamily flooring, and we work to ensure that your needs are met by:

  • Offering carpeting that provides durability, heavy stain resistance and long life under the challenges of the renter market. This allows multifamily property owners and managers to maintain the look of quality in their rental properties for a longer time before replacement.
  • Maintaining a consistent inventory of flooring, providing the carpeting you need when you need it, reducing the time a unit is left vacant between rentals.
  • Providing flooring at a price point that makes replacement financially feasible as needed.


Wise Flooring & Design partners with Realtors, Banks and House Flippers to serve you and your clients with the research and tools to help you make a good investment.

The Real Estate industry is continually in flux and that is why we are constantly improving our services to keep our prices competitive in these volatile markets.

We know how important it is to decrease your costs as much as possible to maintain profitability. We also understand that the flooring partner you choose and the referrals you provide reflect on you!

Therefore, we will do our very best to provide you with the best prices, service and tools to help you make an informed choice with your flooring needs and in turn maximize your return.

Contact us to learn more about how you can profit financially and experience valuable time savings by allowing us to be your flooring and interior finish partner!

Complete Installation

We supply and install Window Treatments and Cabinetry for real estate and multi-family projects.